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The mission of the Office of Supported & Institutional Research (OSIR) is to enhance research and institutional effectiveness in an evidence-based manner through assessment, analysis, and informed recommendations to support the following:

  • Excellence in education
  • Research
  • Academic decision-making
  • Institutional planning
  • Policy formation
  • Student learning and program development

In fulfilling this mission, the OSIR contributes to institutional effectiveness by data collection and providing essential reports on research, student learning outcomes, University-wide data, trends, and benchmark comparisons. This office ensures that the institutional continuous quality evaluation cycle is followed and that research is coordinated through appropriate university governance structures. This office provides the highest quality and timely information to internal constituencies, the federal government, state legislature, accrediting agencies, and other governmental and non-governmental agencies.

OSIR provides leadership for information management through collaborative and integrated processes within the campus community. The OSIR responds to the strategic needs of SCU by applying current standards of institutional research, assessment, and planning to continue to improve and enhance the SCU as a learning institution. The OSIR supports academic initiatives of strategic importance such as projects to improve teaching, student learning, and services of the University. The OSIR integrates institutional research by providing assistance to students, faculty, and staff in conducting research to support the SCUHS Strategic Plan, academic planning priorities, special projects, and The Road Ahead.


Our vision is to develop an environment that supports institutional improvement through research and evidence-based assessment. OSIR is committed to the success of students, faculty, staff, and the University community. The following principles support our research and assessment approaches.

  • The SCU is a learning institution and all members of the campus community are participants, including students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Assessment and evaluation is essential to life-long learning and creating a community that supports positive change.
  • We value academic freedom and the pursuit of new knowledge.
  • Strategic planning decisions are made as a direct result of continuous quality improvement efforts to enhance our academic and research programs.
  • The primary goal of the University is to educate students as competent, caring and successful healthcare practitioners.
  • We support the vision of the SCU to be recognized as the premier educational institution for complementary and alternative medicine in the United States.