Dean’s message

Dean’s Message


LACC is currently celebrating its 100th year anniversary. It has long been a leader in chiropractic education and its graduates are well respected. As LACC moves into the second 100th years it is continuing to provide excellence in health care education which leads to excellence in health care. The Faculty, Staff and Administration along with input from the students have been active in creating and maintaining a curriculum that allows its students to be caring, competent and successful practitioners.  An LACC graduate is one that is evidenced based while being tolerant of those who may have a different philosophy. In addition they can function in an integrative setting and understand their role within. They are patient centered. They examine what is the best form of management for a particular patient even if it may not be their own specialty.

They have a passion for continued learning in areas that would best benefit their patients.  They view the chiropractic adjustment as their primary tool but are constantly looking to expand that toolbox to better improve their approach to patient care. They have a strong emphasis on teaching patients about a healthy lifestyle.  They also graduate with business skills that give them the confidence to succeed in practice. Information literacy is a hallmark of our graduates. They are able to answer clinical questions through analysis of the literature.

LACC is well known for providing excellent clinical education. This includes a philosophy that is evidenced and outcome based and provides an integrated education which not only includes integrating with other forms of health care but integration within the education itself.  All faculty understand the role of student learning outcomes and the curricular content and how this must be understood and integrated throughout the student’s education.
Michael Sackett, DC, MS, DABCO


Dean of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

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