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In One of the Fastest Growing Healthcare Industries


With the Most Advanced and Innovative Chiropractic Training

SCU Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

SCU’s Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

Prepare to transform lives and help others reach their true potential with holistic care in one of the fastest-growing healthcare professions.
Gain the knowledge and experience needed to live your dream and advance your career through a combination of SCU’s industry-leading faculty, innovative course design, and exceptional clinical experiences.  
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Program Length: 10 trimesters | 3.33 years | 224.5 units
Start Term: Fall/Spring
Cost: $11,138/trimester

SCU’s Doctor of Chiropractic

SCU’s Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC) has been the leader in innovative Chiropractic education for over 100 years. LACC has maintained an evidence-based, outcomes-focused, academically rigorous curriculum while enhancing ongoing learning strategies and clinical experiences.
Unparalleled Student Experience There are countless opportunities for involvement and leadership in a family-like environment. SCU’s alumni network and affiliations spread across most U.S. states and six continents facilitating networking, continuing education, and job placement.

Program Highlights

  • Over 100 years of innovative leadership.
  • Exceptional academics, research, and clinical outcomes among faculty, alumni, and students.
  • Financial aid available through need and merit based scholarship, work study, and more. Learn more >
  • Alumni network and many affiliations facilitate job placement, networking, and continuing education.
  • Competitive residencies including Sports Medicine, Primary Spine, and Diagnostic Imaging. Learn more >
  • SCU Health System is highly reputable and prepares students in an interprofessional environment. Learn more >
  • Incomparable student experience with over 30 student clubs and organizations, a family-like environment, and access to all Southern California has to offer.

Curriculum Overview

SCU’s Chiropractic curriculum is evidence-based, outcomes-focused, highly rigorous and academic. Since 1911, SCU has been a leader in innovative curricular design, incorporating lectures and laboratories in addition to a significant amount of additional means of instruction. The combination of course design and clinical experience will equip you to change lives and turn your passion into a profession as a competent, caring, and practice-ready Doctor of Chiropractic.
  • Leading Diagnostics: Become proficient in cutting edge diagnostic methodology and practice on par with industry leading medical schools. Excellence in diagnostics, treatment, and technique aligns our mission to educate truly patient- centered and integrative healthcare practitioners.
  • Exceptional Rotations: Develop competence with a blend of rotations through a network of affiliated private practices and base clinics. Rotation partners include the Cal State, University of California, many other university health systems, and the largest free clinic in the country.
  • Unrivaled Residencies Advance your career with three prestigious post-doctoral programs including Sports Medicine, Primary Spine, and Diagnostic Imaging. Our own on-campus, highly recognized SCU Health System offers both hands-on experience and residency opportunities in an inter-professional environment.
Year 1Year 2Year 3

Focus on the Fundamentals. This year concentrates on the basic sciences to provide a solid foundation of understanding how the body is organized on a cellular, tissue, and organ level, along with regional interrelationships. Chiropractic technique courses start in term one and occur every term until the clinical year. Students do this in an inter-professional educational environment by being in classes with students from a variety of healthcare professions; learning about, from, and with each other.

Focus on Clinical Sciences. Several classes take advantage of the inter-professional educational opportunities at SCU, but with many chiropractic specific courses, this year builds upon year one by focusing on how basic science knowledge about structure and function relate to the clinical presentation of a patient in both health and disease.

Putting it All Together with Clinical Practice. In Year three, students put basic and clinical science knowledge to work in consulting with, diagnosis, and treating the real patients under the supervision of licensed doctors and with peers in other professions. The graduate is fully prepared to lead in today’s evolving healthcare environment.


“It is important to start with a solid platform of education around what it means to become a doctor, regardless of your field. You must have a very thorough and broad footing to build upon. That’s one of the advantages of SCU – that graduates are provided strong fundamental toolsets that accelerate and fast-track their career. SCU is an important partner to me. About 80% of the full time chiropractic employees at the USOC clinics are from SCU – and there’s a reason – because they’re very well-trained.”


Chief Clinical Officer, Rio Olympic Games

SCU Chiropractic Faculty

Faculty Spotlight

David Foster DC, DACBSP, CSCS

Director of Sports Medicine

SCU Chiropractic Clinical Associate Professor

Alumni Spotlight

James Cox, D.C.

Instructor, Clinician

Quality Assurance Chair, SCU Alumni

LACC’s Rich History, Innovation, and Prominence at SCU

LACC was founded in 1911. The institution’s name was changed to Southern California University of Health Sciences as more programs have been added in recent years. The Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program has maintained a strong emphasis among our many offerings. Many members of SCU’s administration are trained DCs including the President, Clinical Chief of Staff, our Chief Clinical Officer, and even the Director of Student Affairs. The majority of the student body is made of Chiropractic students, which speaks to this program’s distinction not only in our rich history, but in the university today.

LACC Mission

  • Educate and train doctors of chiropractic in evidence-based practice with an emphasis on neuromusculoskeletal and wellness healthcare
  • Develop competent, professional and ethical doctors of chiropractic who embrace lifelong learning, provide compassionate care for their patients, and support and promote their profession
  • Uniquely provide diverse educational experiences with measurable learning outcomes
  • Contribute to the financial stability of the university
  • Actively provide service to the university, community, and profession
  • Train the most skilled graduates in the chiropractic manual arts
  • Encourage and produce exemplary research and scholarly activity

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