Ayurveda Certificate Programs


Ayurveda Certificate Programs

  Pursue your calling through Ayurveda. Learn how to heal the body, mind, and spirit by enrolling in an Ayurveda Certification Program at Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU), a premier educational institution for complementary and alternative medicine in the United States.
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The Mission of Ayurvedic Program SCU is:

Provide students with a best quality of education in Ayurvedic Medicine, emphasizing preventative and integrative health care

Ayurvedic Wellness Educator

SCU offers two different levels of certification. The one-year Wellness Educator Program will teach you the basic principles of Ayurveda preventive science, nutrition, home remedies, and detoxification methods. After completing 600 hours of training, you will be prepared to practice self-healing and lead educational seminars on the Ayuredic way of life.
Program Learning Outcomes - 600 hrs.
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Ayurvedic Practitioner

After completing the Ayurvedic Wellness Educator Program, you can take an additional 900 hours of education to earn the Ayurvedic Practitioner certificate. In this program, you will learn how to determine the imbalances of an individual’s body and mind and design a treatment plan to promote optimal health.
Program Learning Outcomes - 1500 hrs.

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Education That Inspires Your Passion for Healing

Flexible Schedules: Fit education into your life with convenient evening and weekend classes. The Ayurvedic Certificate Programs include one weekend of classes each month and a synchronous online class on Thursday nights. Exceptional Learning Experience You will learn from highly experienced faculty and receive hands-on training through internship opportunities and clinical experiences. In addition, you can attend an optional week-long trip to India to learn more about traditional healing practices firsthand. An Accredited University SCU is a WASC-accredited university with a long history of academic excellence. Financial aid and payment plans are available for the Ayurvedic Certificate Programs. View our gainful employment disclosure or estimate your cost of attendance with the net price calculator.

Realize Your Dream to Become a Healer

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