Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles


Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles


Southern California University of Health Sciences will be recognized as the premier evidence-based integrative healthcare university.


Our mission is to educate students as competent, caring and successful integrative healthcare practitioners.  The University is committed to providing excellence in academics, service, scholarship, and leadership through the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, the College of Eastern Medicine, and the College of Science and Integrative Health.

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Guiding Principles

    • Excellence: We strive to be the best in everything we do.
    • Leadership: We develop leaders to be thoughtful and compassionate individuals who influence their professions and the communities they serve.
    • Integrity: We value treating each other with respect, dignity and integrity and being truthful, fair and accountable at all times.
    • Learning Effectiveness: We value providing a learning environment conducive and supportive of quality instruction, innovation, critical thinking, and effective communication that encourages life-long professional development.
    • Evidence-based/Outcomes-focused: We value a culture of inquiry, assessment, research, and scholarship.
    • Diversity: We embrace a diversity of ideas, beliefs, and cultures by providing a campus that is supportive, safe, and welcoming.
  • Goal: Ensure a learning community where academic excellence in our programs results in caring, competent practitioners.
  • Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate that we use learning outcomes to drive programmatic improvements that enhance the performance of students as caring, competent complementary and alternative medicine practitioners
  • Educational Best Practices: Demonstrate an Institutional Commitment to faculty who improve student learning through the use of Educational Best Practices
  • Enrollment Management: Support comprehensive student admission and retention programs that attract and retain high quality students
  • Co-curricular:Ensure that the University offers a variety of co-curricular activities that promote professional development to enhance and integrate the educational experience
  • Diversify Program Offerings: Continually explore the possibility of expanding current or offering additional programs with the intention of implementing those that will meet the growing healthcare needs of the community, region and nation
  • Continuous Learning: Offer specialty training, continuing professional development and paraprofessional programs that support the mission of the University Culture of Inquiry
Culture of Inquiry
  • Goal: Ensure a culture of inquiry that provides leadership opportunities in scholarly activity to enhance complementary and alternative medicine.
  • Assessment: Demonstrate an environment of continuous quality improvement that is driven by the strategic plan of the University and the standards of our accreditors
  • Faculty Scholarship: Ensure continuous faculty contributions to their profession through high quality scholarship of teaching, discovery, integration and application
  • Student Scholarship: Provide an environment that fosters opportunities for scholarly productivity of students
  • Goal: Enhance service opportunities and programs that support the creation of caring and competent healers.
  • Student Services: Provide students with exceptional services that support learning and their personal and professional development
  • Quality Patient Care: Provide highly integrated, evidence-guided, quality patient care through a variety of programs
  • Alumni Services: Provide graduates with effectives services that support their continuous learning and their personal and professional development
  • Community Service: Provide meaningful and diverse service opportunities that enhance our community and promote complementary and alternative medicine
  • Service to the Professions: Advocate for integrative healthcare at the local, national and international levels
  • Goal: Optimize the learning environment through effective management of university resources
  • Financial Stability and Growth: Ensure fiscal responsibility through efficient resource allocation for continuous growth
  • Marketing: Create effective marketing and branding strategies that enable the university to be competitive in complementary and alternative medicine
  • Human Resources: Recruit, develop and retain employees who contribute to the growth and productivity of the University
  • Infrastructure: Ensure that the university’s organization, facilities and technology support and enhance the learning environment
  • Institutional Advancement: The University shall continue to improve its financial stability through the expansion of its foundation by growing its academic programs, endowment, charitable giving, grant development and collaborative partnerships.

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