Employee Directory

Employee Directory


Adler, William x659 Assistant Professor
Andrews, Todd x659 Assistant Professor
Arendt, Tom x355 VP of Administration & Finance
Awad, Sameh Aziz x662 Chair/Associate Professor
Ayad, Samir x658 Assistant Professor


Barragan, Andy x737 Ins. Financial Coordinator
Barron, Vickie x444 Exec. Assistant to VPAA
Bedle, Jamie x537 Resident
Bock, Marc x403 Associate Professor
Bodette, Thomas x617 Assistant Professor
Briceno, Vicente x505 Maintenance Mechanic
Bui, Trung Hung x659 Instructor


Campbell, Nathan x508 Director of Chiropractic Sports Medicine & Residency
Carlos, Jonathan x628 Assistant Professor
Carrol, Andrea x752 Lead Student Accounts Specialist
Castro, Lee x503 Custodian Liason
Chavez, Andrea x404 Manager
Chen, Wendy x366 Instructor
Choi, Byung Soo x366 Instructor
Chu, Young-Tsai x366 Lab Instructor
Cooper, Kristin x335 Assistant Store Manager
Corkill, Jessica x659 Instructor
Corral, Jeff x340 Associate VP of Enrollment Mgmt/Student Affairs
Cruz, Elizabeth x735 Enrollment Advisor


Degracia, Christen x310 Staff Accountant
Dominicis, Beth x673 Assistant Professor


Eggleston, Joe x515 Executive Director of Auxiliary Operations & Physical Plant
Eggleston, Theresa x314 Executive Director of Information Technology
Eurich, Matt x435 Dir. of Radiology / Asst. Prof. / Dir. of D.I. Consultation


Fernandez, Rosemarie x563 Front Desk Lead
Foster, Maddie x459 Learning Specialist/Counselor


Gallegos, Lisa x563 Front Desk Clerk
Gallo, Kelly x316 Controller
Garcia, Jessica x563 Front Desk Clerk
Giangiulio, Jack x721 Assistant Professor
Glenn, Kevin x563 Assistant Professor
Gonzales, Ingrid x751 Student Accounts Specialist
Goubran, Emile x372 Emeritus Professor
Grasmeyer, Justin x562 Instructor
Gray, Scott x422 Director of Media


Hamilton, Gina R. x476 Assistant Professor
Hardy, Janine x563 Front Desk Clerk
Harris, Jane x412 Admissions Coordinator
Hedden, Evelyn x556 Senior Staff Accountant
Hernandez, Gabby x391 Coordinator
Horat, Linda x567 Library Assistant
Horrigan, Joseph x613 Associate Professor
Hsi, Tennsie x366 Instructor
Hsiao, Eric x529 Associate Professor
Hsiao, Lawrence x608 Associate Professor / Chair Clinic Education Department
Huang, Aric x338 Assoicate System Administrator
Hunter, Lauren x683 Instructor
Hwang, Henry x366 Instructor


Jaffe, Steven R. x384 Executive Director, Student Affairs
Jarrell, Pat x622 H.S. Anatomy Seminar Coordinator
Jimenez, Jose x503 Maintenance Mechanic


Kadar, Gena x401 Assistant Professor
Kennerson, Robyn x334 Coordinator CBI / Preceptor
Kimura, Kris x449 Director of Sports Performance Enhancement Center
Kizhakkeveettil, Anu x493 Assistant Professor
Knudsen, Todd x305 VP of Academic Affairs


Labao, Nida x473 Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Law, Jonathan x366 Instructor
Lee, Leon x366 Instructor
Leite, Francisco x387 CEO, LEI
Lemke, Christine x645 Director / Coordinator / Associate Professor
Li, Ju-Tzu x531 Professor
Lim, Minho x366 Instructor
Lopez, Carlos x326 I.T.
Lopez, Ernesto x361 Network Engineer


Mallett, Greg x537 Resident
Manzo, Saul x503 Maintenance Mechanic
Marshall, Anita x450 ISP Administrator CSIH
McBride, Catherine x308 AP/Purchasing Coordinator
McCune, Kate x470 Interim Director of Enrollment Services and Financial Aid
Meier, Melany x659 Associate Professor
Menasaka, Jesika x659 Associate Professor
Miller, John x719 Director of Clinical External Programs
Mir, Sue x520 Assistant Professor
Mitchell, Debra x336 Vice President for EMSA, Inst. Advancement & Alumni
Montiel, Angie x451 Insurance Financial Coordinator
Moreau, Susan x723 Assistant Professor
Mueller, Shelley x490 Program Coordinator CSIH


Nagare-Kimura, Melissa x386 Assistant Instructor / Quality Assurance Coordinator
Nau, Teresa x396 OneStop Coordinator
Neally, Rochelle x432 Assistant Professor
Nevarez, Alexandra x391 Enrollment Advisor


Orozco, Gonzalo x503 Maintenance Mechanic


Patterson, Patrick x565 Learning Specialist/Counselor
Peng, Chun Fu x659 Associate Professor
Pepin, Kerri x751 Registrar Coordinator
Philips, Michael x424 Assistant Professor
Putich, Nancy x423 Student Accounts Specialist


Rabago, Yvonne x373 Senior Program Administrator CSIH
Ringor, Don x347 I.T.
Rivera-Melo, Hector x439 Resident
Rocke, Mike x380 Manager, Information Systems
Rogers, Patricia x629 Assistant Professor
Rose, Kevin x430 Clinical Technology Coordinator


Sackett, Michael x433 Dean of LACC
Sadri, Samaneh x512 Academic Counselor
Saleh, Tawfik x416 Instructor
Santana, Alex x505 Facilities Coordinator
Scaringe, John x330 President / CEO
Scheibel, Cindy x390 Human Resources
Shay, Kristin x418 Instructor
Shi, Anshen x366 Associate Professor
Shi, Xu x434 Assistant Professor
Shih, Margaret x468 Assistant Professor
Shin, Mira x366 Instructor
Sikorski, David x654 Chair / Professor
Silverman, Jackie x377 Chief Public Affairs Officer
Skorin, Carla x388 Interim Associate Dean CSIH
Smith, Kathleen x367 Executive Director
Smith, Mike x729 Enrollment Advisor
Sperber, Greg x773 Dean of CAOM
Steele, Jody x366 Assistant Professor
Summers, Jeremy x409 Instructor


Tao, Cliff x659 Assistant Professor
Threinen, Noni x322 Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Tobias, Gene x372 Emeritus Professor
Tomas, Jeannette x453 Financial Aid Counselor
Torres, Regina x343 Exec. Assistant to the President


Valadez, Nancy x659 Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Valdez, Lori x606 Director of Clinical Operations
Valenzuela, Miguel x735 Counselor / Coordinator
Vargas, Amy x405 Events Coordinator
Vinjamury, Sivarama x736 Professor
Vosko, Andrew x721 Assistant Professor


Wang, Chiao-Nien x366 Assistant Professor
Wanlass, Paul x601 Chair Clinical Internship Department/Associate Professor
Ward, Deborah x353 Admissions Coordinator
Watford, Kelley x417 Instructor
Weiss, Laura x366 Administrative Assistant to the Dean / Office Manager


Yabur, Lupe x400 Assistant Controller
Yu, Jenny x510 CEM Clinic Director / Associate Professor


Zuidema, Lisa x324 Administrative Assistant

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